Letter from CAABO Leadership

Dear honorable ILF/CAABO Conference Attendees,

It is our utmost pleasure and honor to welcome you to the highly anticipated annual Leadership and Business Conference hosted by the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) and the Coalition of Asian American Business Organizations (CAABO). Our conference will facilitate discussions on trade relations, future economic cooperation and business opportunities between the United States and Asia, as well as strategies on promoting future leaders. This one-day event will feature two panels of prominent members of our global community and will close with the ILF Awards Gala in the evening. It is an important date that will mark the progress of the broader APA community and help spark new fruitful relationships among people who share a common passion. This is our fifth consecutive year and our team has worked endlessly to bring you the most prestigious speakers who will present you with global ideas that will incite future innovation and abilities. We wish to make this an eventful and memorable day for all parties involved. Throughout our careers, we have noticed the one element that is most critical to the success of projects, events, big businesses and small organizations: teamwork. This has been a central theme for CAABO, which hopes to bring isolated individuals together to form a stronger collective. In building a nationwide network of Asian chambers of commerce and Asian businesses, we must increase our available resources to enhance member businesses. Through the joint effort of our members joining together in coalitions, our voice will be heard– stronger than it has ever been before. Teamwork is the core focus of our conference today because of its efficacy in tackling the greatest problems that our world struggles with today. With an excellent team of entrepreneurs, chamber leaders, corporate managers, and government officials, we recognize the valuable information and insights that can be shared with the greater public. Please continue to stay active with our team and support our efforts. This conference also reflects the mission of the ILF. Every year, the ILF provides numerous opportunities for young scholars to work as interns in various U.S. government agencies. Through the ILF, students learn about the importance of day-to-day operations, public service, and civic awareness. This year, we have thirty-five bright interns working across the National Mall and the Greater DC area in eleven federal agencies. Your support of this event helps provide the scholarship funds dedicated to nurturing and instructing today’s youth to become the brilliant leaders of tomorrow. The ILF strongly believes that our future is in the hands of the youth and that only through empowering and educating our following generations can we hope to create a better future. We thank all of you–both sponsors and attendees–for joining our cause not only in facilitating the growth of member businesses, but also in assisting the leadership development of incoming generations. Thank you again for supporting this conference. We at CAABO and ILF, look forward to welcoming you in our ongoing collaborative efforts to strengthen our network and our voice for a brighter future. Let us lead this world not individually, but as a collective whole!

Very truly yours,

Howard Li                     Shau-Wai Lam            Chiling Tong

Chairperson                  Co-chairperson          Co-Chairperson